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Clocks & Alarms
Chronograph 6.75
Keeps your computer Chronograph Atomic Time Clock is a simple award-winning program which keeps your computer's clock accurate using atomic time servers of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. You can work in Manual, Periodical, or Wait-for-Connection operating modes. Chronograph is able to replace the standard Windows clock in the system tray and uses Winamp skins for thousands of different clock styles.
Released: 2012-11-23
License: $19.95
Publisher: AltrixSoft
Language: English
Platform: Windows, Mobile
Requirements: Windows 2000 and higher
Install: Install and Uninstall
Atrise Wakeup 2.3.0
Alarm clock with music alarms The Atrise Wakeup is an alarm clock with musical alarms. With this program you can get additional awakening reliably, if you cannot awake with using your alarm-clock, cell phone, PDA or other alarm-clock device. Do not slumber away your important event. Simply start the program on your PC or a notebook. Setup your wakeup time, then select your preferred sound or a video file to wakeup or use our beautiful crisp music from Trancein.
Released: 2012-11-19
License: $19.00
Publisher: Andrew Revvo
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
TimeLeft 3.61
Skinnable clock, countdown, reminder, timer TimeLeft is a Winamp skinnable clock, tray clock, countdown, web countdown, reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, desktop sticker and time synchronization utility. With TimeLeft countdown you can watch the seconds ticking away, it makes some glad event so much closer. Reminder shows a message, plays music, opens links or documents. TimeLeft is powerful, attractive, easy to use, and highly configurable - it's a really beautiful software
Released: 2012-10-12
License: Free
Publisher: NesterSoft Inc.
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Platform: Vista, Windows, Linux, MAC
Requirements: A standard Windows PC
Install: Install and Uninstall

So far I\'m enjoying the countdown timer. It was relatively easy to download and doesn\'t take up a lot of space on my hard-drive. The timer gives me a visual of how much time is left until... whatever anyone has in mind. Great tool!

It is a fantastic program, simple and powerful, more than my dreams.Thank you very much.Mohammad Tarek Amer

This program was what I needed, perfect for my countdown to my sister\'s wedding!

Downloading and running was no problemI like what I see so far but my ultimate goal is to move it to my website so I will keep you posted on how I make outThanksBrian

Great product. I have only used the countdown clock and it works just as stated.

Although the styles and fonts are limited, I really like the TimeLeft 3.50 program. It\'s user friendly; baisc enough for what I\'m using it for and easy to use.

Click Clock 2.9.8
Clock, Calendar, Weather, Astronomy, & More! Animated weather radar & satellite, local temperature in tray, local weather, internet clock sync, sun and moon rise and set times, animated moon phases, planet positions in the sky, eclipses, equinox/solstice, meteors, month calendar with moon phase icons, full year calendar, 27 holidays, map, aerial photo, topographic map, start & end daylight savings, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, unique graph of sunrise and set times for entire year.
Released: 2012-09-15
License: $20.00
Publisher: Michael Robinson
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

I think that it's a very handy tool for those of us who are interested in the exotica of the sky but not interested enough to chase down all the minutiae. However, I live in Canada and would like to have Environment Canada data as an option rather than only NOAA. Also, when I ask Click to save a weather site, it will not save the one that I have linked to, which is the site for my city's weather. Instead, it saves the home page of the weather site, which is not helpfull.

GR8 DESK TOP CALENDER I have been looking something like this since long but got yesterday. A nice calender clock.

Click clock for a web page I am setting-up a website and I want to have a time, date, weather, icon that is automatically updated and viewable upon opening the webpage.

the calendar. This one is very, very good in all features, for me.Makes the apontment very good about the weather, times, all. For me that's the watch from computer very clear.

Sharp World Clock 5.83
Desktop World Clock with world map This World Clock program can display an unlimited number of analog and/or digital clocks. Clock faces can have background images and are resizable. World map with zoom function, earth shadow and sun position. Country borders with the cities positions and flags. Accurate sunrise / sunset and moon phase calculation. Time zone converter, multiple alarms, feed reader, sticky notes, weather.
Released: 2012-09-13
License: $29.00
Publisher: Johannes Wallroth
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0
Install: Install and Uninstall
AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 4.0a.12
A multifunction desktop clock with reminders. The Ultimate Screen Clock will integrate a graphic clock with your Windows desktop. Configure its appearance with a library of digital and analog clock styles, or design your own. Set your system clock to the accuracy of an atomic time standard by accessing one of its Internet-based time servers. The Ultimate Screen Clock also includes a reminder feature; a world time clock; an Intranet time server; a countdown clock and a stop watch.
Released: 2012-08-29
License: $24.99
Publisher: Alchemy Mindworks
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Easy MP3 Alarm Clock 1.01
Alarm clock playing MP3 and other audio files The days of your annoying alarm clock noises are over. Now you can use this Easy MP3 Alarm Clock which supports MP3 and other audio files to wake up to the pleasant sound of your favorite audio clip. Simply choose your audio file, set the time, and... go to sleep!
Released: 2012-08-21
License: Free
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

easy to use, does what it says on the tin .. nice program

Jumbo Timer 2.3
Resizable desktop timer program Jumbo Timer is a powerful desktop timer program. The timer windows can be resized from tiny to full screen. Count Down, Stopwatch or Alarm Clock mode. Unlimited timers with cloning function. Timer can be paused and resumed later. Alarm can play an audio file (wav, mp3, wma) or speak the timer title. Adjustable color schemes. Global hotkeys. Hidden (system tray) mode. Optional display of days and 1/10 seconds.
Released: 2012-07-01
License: $29.00
Publisher: Johannes Wallroth
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0
Install: Install and Uninstall
ActiveEarth 3.1
ActiveEarth World Time and Weather Clock ActiveEarth is a world time clock with a gorgeous day/night merge of NASA's Visible Earth images in flat maps or a globe. It has accurate time zone data for more than 500 cities, and you can add more, and each city and clock can display weather conditions and forecasts. AE has dozens of scalable analog and digital clock styles. Graphical time difference tools to plan events between cities. Screen-saver, desktop background, time calculator, more!
Released: 2012-06-21
License: $24.95
Publisher: Norris Family Industry, Inc.
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: 1GHz, 512MB RAM, .NET 4
Install: Install and Uninstall

Incredible! Highly recommend.

Active Earth This is such an awesome product and would love to have it but can't quite afford it!! Any plans to make it free? regardsKerrie van

War Room World Time Clock Excellent graphic and interface. We will use ActiveEarth for War Room.

Premium Clock 2.70
Desktop skin analog and digital clock Premium Clock is a revolutionary program that lets you enhance your Windows desktop by adding clocks, wallpapers, and much more to it. This new look is part of a skin, which is intended to both unify and clear up your desktop. You can switch skins, customize a desktop, or revert to the Windows Classic wallpaper. Premium Clock includes a fantastic new visual style, nearly a fifty high quality skins, analog clock, digital clock, and more!
Released: 2012-06-14
License: $29.95
Publisher: UpClock Software
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7
Install: Install and Uninstall