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Karteikasten 2.4
Effective learning with flashcards Flashcards is an easy to use vocabulary trainer. It works with the flashcards method with 5 boxes and it saves a statistic for each word. You can also categorize your words.
Released: 2012-04-21
License: Free
Publisher: Flose
Language: German, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
Platform: Windows, Linux
Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
Install: Install and Uninstall
RekenTest 4.1
Practice arithmetic skills, for kids and pros RekenTest is freeware educational software to practice arithmetic skills. It supports basic arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction, the muliplication tables and so on, as well as more advanced arithmetic operations like decimals, money problems, percentages and fractions. The software has lots of options and lets you organize your classroom with tasks and groups. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
Released: 2012-04-06
License: Free
Publisher: 4x4 Software
Language: English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish
Platform: Vista, Windows, Mobile
Requirements: 7MB hd space, 64MB RAM, 800x600 screen resolution
Install: Install and Uninstall

I am very impressed with the RekenTest. I think it is very helpful for students to develop their mental math abilities.

LearnWords Windows 6.0
training program for learning foreign words LearnWords - highly effective training program for learning foreign words 14 exercises, 20 languages, transcriptions and pronunciation, editor, system of scheduling repetition. There are special editions for Android and iOS. For each word of dictionary it is necessary to execute a sequence of six exercises ("Card", "Mosaic", "Select translation", "Guess translation", "Select word", "Writing")
Released: 2012-03-30
License: $19.95
Publisher: LearnWords Software
Language: English, Russian
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Antiprism 0.21
Antiprism polyhedron modelling software Antiprism polyhedron modelling software: create, transform, analyse, and visualise polyhedra. Includes an extensive collection of named polyehedra, tranformation and colouring of models, tools for analysis, support for working with symmetry.
Released: 2012-03-26
License: Free
Publisher: Adrian Rossiter
Language: English
Platform: Windows, Linux, MAC
Requirements: Minimal
Install: Install and Uninstall
School Calendar for Workgroup 3.4
A networking calendar for pupils and teachers This is a more powerful version of School Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network. School Calendar will help students and teachers with assignment organization, project due dates, and scheduling. You pay for the program only the first time and get all new versions of this program for FREE and for a lifetime!
Released: 2012-03-21
License: $69.95
Publisher: OrgBusiness Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 32 MB of RAM, 7 MB of available hard disk space.
Install: Install and Uninstall
Free Google Translate Desktop 2.1.88
A free potable google desktop translator. With free Google Translate Desktop, you can easily get the online translation without a browser. You are able to freely read foreign articles, communicate with foreign friends on facebook or twitter, learn foreign languages, view foreign websites and write emails in foreign languages. Google Translate Desktop takes very little space and you don't need to install it on your PC like other desktop translators.
Released: 2012-03-21
License: Free
Publisher: AthTek Software
Language: English, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Slovak, Spanish, Thai
Platform: Windows
Requirements: IE6+, Online
Install: No Install Support
Random Word Generator 17.0
Generates lists of randomly constructed words Random Word Generator creates lists of random, artificial words. Other features: customizable word construction engine, generate many words into a file, generate words similar to others, generate all possible words from a given format, anagram finder, and more.
Released: 2012-03-14
License: $15.00
Publisher: Gammadyne Corporation
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: none
Install: Install and Uninstall

request Great application.. Thanks. and my requests: - generate phrase/sentence - filtered, mass check/uncheck

Test Maker 2.7
Test Maker - Unlimited Testing Solution Test Maker is a professional software product for organizing tests and analyzing the results. You can use Test Maker in any sphere where quick and effective testing is required. Test Maker can be used for academic and preemployment testing, personnel testing and certification or as part of computer-aided teaching solutions. Test Maker will help you to create any type of questions: single choice, multiple choice, essay and ordered answer set.
Released: 2012-03-13
License: $45.00
Publisher: Igneon Software
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: None
Install: Install and Uninstall

User ID AND PW Hi,When i tried to launch the appplication for the first time. IT asked me for User Name and Password. Can you pleaese tell user name and PW to be enteres

Test Maker 2. 1. It was nice. User friendly! But I wasn't able to use it since I was just trying if it has something to do with my existing online exam project. The best!

It's very helpful to prepare for cetrificaion. I found one of the best site for preparing for testing cerification.

School Calendar 3.5
A software calendar for pupils and teachers School Calendar will help students and teachers with assignment organization, project due dates, and scheduling. It can even remind you when your scheduled event is about to happen. Included are two viewing modes, an automatic search option, password protection and an auto-backup with an opportunity to remove old archives automatically. The calendar can be synced with MS Outlook and its data exported to .ics, .xls, .txt, .html, .xml, .pdf formats
Released: 2012-03-07
License: $49.95
Publisher: OrgBusiness Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 32 MB of RAM, 7 MB of available hard disk space.
Install: Install and Uninstall

On first look it may suit our purpose. Time blocks may not suit our schedules. I will look to change time schedule blocks in the program.

One thing I would LOVE to see Hello,I downloaded and installed your program yesterday. The one thing that I was hoping it would let me do - but I couldn't find it anywhere is view the time slots as periods instead of hours.For example - First hour at my school is 7:35am - 8:32am. I would love to be able to set up the calendar so that when I click on 1st hour it already knows those times.Please let me know if this capability is already in your program. I couldn't find it. It would be a lifesaver for me if it is!Thanks! ...

CurTiPot Acid-Base pH and Titration 3.6.1
Acid-base equilibria, pH and titration A pH Calculator, a Virtual Titrator, a Real Titration Data Analyzer, a Distribution Diagram Generator - that's CurTiPot, the all-in-one freeware with interpolation, smoothing, simulation, nonlinear regression, graphics and database. Simply open the MS-Excel file, habilitate macros and start learning and working with chemical equilibrium of acids, bases, salts and buffers at home, classroom and laboratory.
Released: 2012-03-06
License: Free
Publisher: Ivano G. R. Gutz
Language: English, Portuguese
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Microsoft Excel (1997 onwards, including Office for MAC)
Install: No Install Support

CurTipot applications the software is a excelent tool for teaching analytical chemistry

Use of CurtiPot. I was using CurtiPot to help explain the buffering phenomenon to a colleague of mine (he is in China - I'm in the US - so a "Chalkboard" discussion is difficult).