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Mosaizer.Pro 9.2
Not just another photo mosaic creator! Not just another photo mosaic creator! Mosaizer Pro is a set of professional creativity tools to work with a large number of bitmaps. Alpha masks, 3D effects, adaptive tile size meshing, textures, pre- and post-processing filters are key for creative photo editing. One of the special tools, the 'Mosaizer', recreates a picture from pieces of itself. Many picture formats can be used and there's hardly any limit to the result size.
Released: 2012-04-18
License: Free
Publisher: APP Helmond
Language: English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 2 GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 100 MB Harddisk
Install: Install and Uninstall

its a wonderful product but i wanted a fully functional software.

So far the best photo mosaic program I have tried.

AllMedia Grabber 6.0
Extract multimedia files from programs/files. Extract thousands Pictures, Videos, Music, Sounds hidden inside programs / files with AllMedia Grabber. AllMedia Grabber searches in files (executables, libraries, custom controls, data files e.t.c.) and extracts multimedia files. Extract files stored in EXECUTABLES, LIBRARIES, MICROSOFT® OFFICE FILES, DATABASES, RAW or BINARY FILES (like exe, dll, ocx, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, mdb...) .
Released: 2012-03-27
License: $46.90
Publisher: FOTIS
Language: English, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 256 MB RAM, 100 MB Free Space
Install: Install and Uninstall

Thanks for a great product I appreciate being able to download large numbers of photos so easily. The new version seems to be even better than the one I was using before. I wish more people would upload with uploaders that were compatible with Grabber.

Magnifixer 3.1
Screen magnifier utility with multiple levels Magnifixer is a fully custumizable screen magnifier utility. You can place it anywhere on your screen, make it any size you want and select a zoom level. It is the perfect tool for developers and designers, but also for people with viewing disabilities. This version now supports dual monitors. Magnifixer supports cursor tracking or fixed location view.
Released: 2012-01-13
License: Free
Publisher: Blacksun Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

Reviewed for the purpose of a family member with low vision. Found that it performed well, except it was very slow, even at the highest refresh rate. Couldn't quite keep up. Quality of image is just a little bit better than the Windows 7 built-in magifier. Due to the refresh lag, I ended up going back to the embedded version.

ok, es justo lo que estab buscando Es justo lo que necesitaba para uhna persona con problemas de vista...

PhotoAcute Studio 3.002
Boost photo resolution, dynamic range & more. Stacking of continuous photos allows you to increase image resolution beyond the camera limits, expand dynamic range, reduce noise and reveal fine details. PhotoAcute is a stacking wizard with a proven performance and cutting-edge features unavailable yesterday. Up to twice resolution increase, HDR fusion with moving objects handling and precise tripod and handheld photos alignment. Full RAW support. Time-unlimited, fully functional free trial.
Released: 2011-10-18
License: $29.00
Publisher: Almalence, Inc.
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements: 512 MB RAM (more recommended)
Install: Install and Uninstall

Your website indicates that PhotoAcute Studio works on Mac as well as PC. I downloaded it and clicked on the download and ended up with a lot of jibberish text... no program. I'm assuming it is therefore PC only, and I can't comment on that as I don't have a PC and there was no download for my Mac.

PhotoAcute or not? Well, it`s nothing for Me.But a simple solution for right person.

Pointor 7
Imports coordinates for viewing & DXF save. Pointor imports text files which are lists of points (2D or 3D) shows them graphically and saves them as a DXF. The DXF can then be read by other applications, for example AutoCAD. If you have a text file which is a list of points simply drag it into Pointor. You can bring in lists of points from Excel and Access using copy and paste. You can search for points as well as and copy/paste the bitmap image. Can read DXFs and create pointlists too.
Released: 2011-10-04
License: $58.75
Publisher: Ransen Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Repligator 18
An easy to use graphics effects program Repligator is a very easy to use graphic effects program. Simply import the image file and hit F7 a few times to see what effects Repligator suggests. The total of 150 effects include: Pop Art, Warhol, Motion Blur, Psychedelic Art, Roman Mosaic, Half-Tone, Stardust, Relief Map, Star Burst, Embroidery, Fallen Leaves, Flowers, Ivy, Klee, Ethnic, Sepia, Sonar, Chrome, Blur and Explode.
Released: 2011-09-01
License: $29.95
Publisher: Ransen Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Windows 32 or 64 bit
Install: Install and Uninstall
ColorMania 3.2
Color Picker with Eyedropper and Magnifier ColorMania is a extended colorpicker with an eyedropper component and a screen magnifier. ColorMania lets you easily select and modify colors. It's the ideal tool for website and application developers. You can pick colors from anywhere on your screen and interactively change the RGB and HSV values. The latest version has undo/redo functionality.
Released: 2011-08-29
License: Free
Publisher: Blacksun Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Win
Install: Install and Uninstall

Thank youGreat tool. Easy to use. Did everything I wanted it to do. Good job!Angie G

It did what I wanted pretty well.I couldn\'t work out how to use it at first, but that was down to my own stupidity. I googled it and found out it was pretty easy.Ka pai!

It was exactly what I needed. Not too complicated for a first time user but withe the features I needed to get my project finished.

I love ColorMania! Thanks for this very useful product!

Downloaded heaps of colour pickers and this one just worked intuitively and got me the hex number I needed from a photo of a weird coloured dress being used by Snapafun RnR students. Thanks.

Was looking for a color replacer Hi. I was looking for a tool that you can open a file in, pick a color from the image and specify by what color to replace that color ... I haven't found it yet...

Mosaizer Lite 1.4
The fastest photo mosaic creator! The fastest photo mosaic creator makes your mosaic image just in seconds ! The built-in picture libraries guarantee a perfect color match and a stunning result. With the one-button enhancement you can make sure the result is really photo-realistic. With our proprietary tool, the 'Mosaizer', you can recreate a picture from pieces of itself, with just one click on a button. Make your own picture libraries or download examples from our website.
Released: 2011-08-21
License: Free
Publisher: APP Helmond
Language: English, Dutch, German
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 2.4 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 50 MB Harddisk
Install: Install and Uninstall

The Mosaizer uploaded my photo but it would not turn it into mosaics no matter what I tried, so I am not satisfied.It looked really great but didn\'t work.

Liquib 2.0.2
Liquid image and marbled paper effects Liquib turns an image into a virtual fluid, to produce flowing, evolving transformations on its liquified surface. It is a graphics tool (or toy) that attempts to translate mathematics into visual imagery. Liquib manipulations can be applied manually, or you can relax and be entertained by Automatic Effects, optionally accompanied by music. Effects can be tiled on mirroring panels. Actions can be Scripted and captured to Video.
Released: 2011-07-12
License: $26.00
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Exif Pilot 4.4
Exif Pilot - EXIF, GPS, and IPTC data editor Exif Pilot allows you to view, create, and edit the EXIF, EXIF GPS, and IPTC data. XMP data are available only for viewing. Supported file-formats: - JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, NEF, PEF, CRW, JP2, PSD - read, create, and edit; - RAW formats, including CR2, MRW, ARW, SR2, ORF and RAF - read only.
Released: 2011-07-04
License: Free
Publisher: Two Pilots
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Win XP/Vista/7
Install: Install and Uninstall

Limited application for single files but tedious and too restricted to be of much use. There is no batch capability.I was intending to buy the full version but this has dissuaded me from doing so.

The MMI is perfect and Exif Pilot looks like perfectly answering my need.The point is that Exif Pilot just does not work.I had to modify a "Tiff files with bit compression" (such files are for instance output by Nikon capture NX2) and I had to change the shutter speed (from 0.02 to 0.5 seconds).After doing that with Exif Pilot, the file was not readable anymore (either by Nikon capture, or by Photomatix, or by Hugin). There was only faststone image viewer able to read it !!!Sorry

Good but need the batch routines Software seemed to do what I wanted except it was slow and tedious to reset the camera date. I need the batch function to change hundreds of exif dates as the camera date was incorrect. I tried to purchase the full edition but that became too difficult via PAYPAL and the order failed to complete. Further searching revealed a DOS program option which allowed me the flexibilty to review and change thousands of files easily and quickly. It was free, difficult to use and not as pretty. I am a programmer so these were not real issues for me.

Waste of time Totally unusable. When I tried to change dates, sometimes it did nothing, sometimes it changed the date to one that I did not request. Good luck.