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The Mystic Tarot 2006
Turn your pc into your own personal psychic! The only tarot program with proven documented accuracy. Will answers money, love, career, health, timing, dreams, business, pet and general questions. This Tarot program will give you specific interpretations, clear answers, advice and details. It features over 2000 card interpretations, 43 card spreads, and the ability to save your reading. The Mystic Tarot will turn your pc into your own personal psychic!
Released: 2006-06-12
License: $49.95
Publisher: Seeq Enterprises, inc
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 128 MB RAM, 46MB free space
Install: Install and Uninstall
Kairon 3.5 3.5.12
Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrology Calculation Software Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrology Calculation Software (ger, eng), SwissEphemeris, ACS Atlas (9.000/252.000 locations), saves following files: pdf,eps,tif,aaf,txt,rtf, calculations: topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal (21 Anayamsas), 21 aspects, over 11400 asteroids, over 300 editable arabic points, 18 house systems, multiple fonts, synastry, composite, combine, transits, harmonics, progressions, return charts, ...
Released: 2006-03-20
License: $35.00
Publisher: Kilian Sternad
Language: English, German, Japanese
Platform: MAC
Requirements: Mac OS X Panther (Version 10.3++)
Install: Install Only

This program is really useful.Thank you

Greate software and easy to use. It has so much features and so many possibilities to customize the output. Really great.

Good, works ok, I really like it thank you. It's ok. Seems to work well. It was a natural transition from the 1960s Mod movement. The Mods were hijacked by the middle classes, and the Beatniks - before they turned into hippies. So the younger Mods hardened their image, wore stuff. The middle classes wouldn't - donkey jackets and boots. They cut their hair shorter than anyone else, and after a football riot they were dubbed 'Skinheads' by the tabloid the Sun newspaper. Originally they'd just called themselves 'hard Mods'.

Preliminary feedback Very satisfied with the horoscope graphics, very easy to read, just as I was very fond of your old version, which I have used for years on my older Macs. The functionality: Entering of data is not quite unambiguous (eindeutig, klar). Had to experiment for a while to find out. Especially the entering of the geographical data is confusing,Try it out on a novice user, watch where he stops!The user guideline: Is actually a summary of a user guideline. The program is fine for people who are well informed about astrology beforehqand, not for novices.Compaired with other ...

OS X compatible? IS this program OS 10.4 compatible? I couldn't get it to load properly.

Calculate your bio-cycles. Biorhythms calculates the high, low and critical periods of your emotional, intellectual and physical cycles with an optional master cycle to give you an indepth look at what's in store for you.
Released: 2006-01-27
License: $19.95
Publisher: JSoft Consulting
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Biogetic - Mobile Phone - BioRhythm - BioFeedBack 1
Biogetic works through your mobile phone Biogetic works through your mobile phone that already has spools, capacitors and conductors to generate frequencies that are positive for a human body. The frequencies generated resonate with alpha, beta, theta and delta brain waves to help you perform better.
Released: 2004-01-01
License: $18.50
Publisher: Eroka
Language: English
Platform: Mobile
Requirements: java
Install: Install and Uninstall
Orneta Biorhythm for Smartphone 2002 0.3.0
Orneta Biorhythm draw biorhythm on Smartphone Orneta Biorhythm is an application to draw a biorhythm chart for Windows Mobile based Smartphone's. Everything that happens in nature is cyclic. We are influenced by the changing of the seasons, the lunar tides, day and night, etc. Even the human body is influenced by these factors, which are known as biorhythms.
Released: 2003-05-28
License: Free
Publisher: Orneta
Language: English
Platform: Windows, Mobile
Requirements: Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002
Install: Install and Uninstall
Diplodock Biorhythms 1.01.0019
Biorhythm graphing tool Diplodock Biorhythms is a utility that helps people investigate their biorhythms with minimal effort. Unlike other biorhythm programs, Diplodock Biorhythms can graph four cycles instead of three: physical, intellectual, emotional, and intuitive.
Released: 2001-02-05
License: $24.95
Publisher: Diplodock
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 3 MB HD; 16 MB RAM; Pentium I 100 MHz or better; 800x600, 256
Install: Install and Uninstall