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CyberSky 5.0.3
Accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program that provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and explore the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future. CyberSky can display and print attractive, highly-customizable maps of the sky as seen from your home, your favorite vacation spot, or any other location on the Earth.
Released: 2011-10-04
License: $34.95
Publisher: Stephen Michael Schimpf
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 512 MB RAM, 120 MB hard-disk space, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color quality
Install: Install and Uninstall

Good but not complite. This program is good but hurts your cpu. It is basic program and need search, it is good just for sorak system and not all of sky I think. Anyway I recommand it.

Dark Solar System 2011
View a dark energy on your dektop! Dark Solar System is a new 3d screensaver for Windows. This screensaver shows all planets of our solar system, uncluding Saturn's rings. It makes you able to know about dark matter and dark energy in our planet system. At the beginning of March, 2006 the satellite of China National Space Administration, DARKSTAR started operations, observing in neutrino the solar corona. We have placed this new information into our screensaver.
Released: 2011-06-03
License: Free
Publisher: Icon Empire
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: 64MB RAM, Pentium-1000 MHz, 5MB HDD
Install: Install and Uninstall

I thinks it's a great screen saver, Thanks!

Mike Smith The screen saver runs a little bit stuttering, and Ihave 1gb of ram for it to work with. Have yet to see Saturns Ring's or neptune or Uranus.

Not bad, mildly dissapointing Doesn't support twin monitor setup, textures aren't dynamic not bad attempt at a screensaver, certainly a nice change, but in contrast to the other 3D screensavers out there very dissapointing.Wasn't expecting a particle fx spectacular, just something a little less rough around the corners.

Sun & Moon Calculator 4.4.2
The Sun & Moon Calculator shows daily data This shows the position of the sun and moon for any place on earth between 1900 and 2049. It can show the sun or moon for any day or the horizon which can be rotated 360 degrees and animated. A database of over 1600 locations is included which includes the name, latitude, longitude and time zone for Australasia(Australia/New Zealand), Canada, U.K. and U.S.A. Users can easily create their own database of locations.
Released: 2011-04-11
License: $39.00
Publisher: Douglas Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: P125, 3 MB disk space, 32MB RAM, 800 x 600, 256 colours
Install: Install and Uninstall
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 9.37
Software to find eclipses and lunar phases A program to search for eclipses (lunar, solar, total, annular and umbral), to calculate the phase of the Moon at any given date and time and to convert between dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and dates in four lunar calendars (Goddess Lunar, Meyer-Palmen Solilunar, Hermetic Lunar Week and Liberalia Triday).
Released: 2011-03-29
License: $18.45
Publisher: Hermetic Systems
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
Nautical Almanac 2011
Complete 2011 Nautical Almanac in pdf format Complete 2011 Nautical Almanac in pdf format complete with monthly star charts. Includes Parallax corrections for the planets which are not normally available.
Released: 2011-01-01
License: Free
Publisher: NavSoft.Com
Language: English
Platform: Windows, MAC, Mobile
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat
Install: Install and Uninstall

Excellent. Would help me to use the now historical method of astro navigation, except that I can\'t print the data.

StarStrider 2.8.6
Software planetarium,see the stars & planets! StarStrider is a fully three-dimensional planetarium and 'software star ship'. You can visit not only the planets and moons of our solar system, but also hundreds of thousands of other stars. And you can view spectacular galaxies, cluster, nebulae and the milky way! Relativistic space-time effects such aberration and Doppler shift are optional. Requires a 3D-card. Anaglyph 3D-glasses (for true '3D stereo') and joystick or game pad are optional.
Released: 2010-12-22
License: $49.95
Publisher: FMJ-Software
Language: English, German, Other, Spanish, Swedish
Platform: Windows
Requirements: DirectX 9
Install: Install and Uninstall
2010 Nautical Almanac 1.2010
Complete 2010 Nautical Almanac in pdf format Complete 2010 Nautical Almanac in pdf format. Includes star charts with the planet's positions for each month.
Released: 2010-01-01
License: Free
Publisher: NavSoft.Com
Language: English
Platform: Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat
Install: Install and Uninstall
Moon Phase Calculator 3.50
Moon Phase Calculator is easy to use tool Moon Phase Calculator is simple and easy to use tool that allows you to calculate the phase of the Moon for any time in the past or future and to search for the next or previous full moon, new moon or first or last quarter.The day, month, and year can be changed using the keyboard or mouse buttons on the calculator. Moon Phase Calculator has small size and user frendly interface. Download it now!
Released: 2008-12-13
License: $14.95
Publisher: MoonPhaseSoftware
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Typical Win95 machine
Install: Install and Uninstall

It should be free. It is very difficult to find the phase for a certain date in the past using interface because months/years are not editable; With such bad performance the price should be zero or FREE

Neat Little Add-On Wish it gave the time that the full moon hit.

Very nice Hi,At last, I have found a program that will help me track the movement of the moon and also enable me to fix time for my prayers.It is very nice thing.

Good Tool I would say that out of other Moon type Calculators, that The Moon Phase Calculator is the easiest I've used.

Lunar magic An excellent programme. Small, neat and does all that it claimed and all that I need.

Very useful tool Internal sensations experience compatible innergy using this program. It is possible that some humans use the perspective that it's not good enough due to it's amazing simplicity, but, I seriously enjoy this program. It truly has assisted me in finding the right infodata necessary to assess appropriate result &answers. Some humans are likely to mock its appearance, but there are others who have the maturity that appearance does not have a catalyst to its functionality.Many enjoy the use of this program, and many fooled themselves into thinking its not something special, and unfortunately didn't try it to learn its ...

Astronomy Stuff 1.2.0
Watch Nasa TV Live Watch Nasa TV including live space shuttle launches and space walks plus all the Sky at Night programs from December 2001 up to the current episode over the internet plus view live solar images and get ISS (international space station) and satellite pass predictions for your location.
Released: 2006-11-23
License: Free
Publisher: SCES Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Requires RealPlayer to be installed
Install: Install and Uninstall


IC Capture.AS - FireWire Camera Control Software for Telescopes 1.0
Telescope Image acquisition application. IC Capture.AS is authored by The Imaging Source and has been specifically designed for use with telescope cameras. The software ships with all the telescope cameras sold on the web site.
Released: 2006-09-01
License: Free
Publisher: The Imaging Source Europe GmbH
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

Couldn`t install Unable to evaluate as it needed a license code to install - useless!