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Family Tree Builder
Excellent free all original genealogy program Family Tree Builder 3.0 is a brand new, free and original program for amateur and professional genealogy fans. Packing the most innovative features developed for genealogy in the past decade, such as Smart Matching Technology, Smart Research, Face Recognition and Online Family Tree Publishing, it is highly intuitive and a pleasure to use. Create your family tree easily or import GEDCOM, print great charts and reports. Supports 34 languages.
Released: 2008-12-23
License: Free
Publisher: MyHeritage Ltd.
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek, Other, Portuguese, Turkish
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: No special requirements
Install: Install and Uninstall

I found it cumbersome to use and difficult to figure out how to make family connections once I was able to get names into the right places. Additionally, in order to see how it was going to look for the entire family I would have had to pay for a full years subscription. I would have been willing to purchase a months worth as I am making a family tree for a young man (great nephew) who is currently in a residential care facility and would like to have some idea of who his family really is. I will not ...

This is a sweet little piece of software. Using the free version it is simple to construct a family tree with significant data about each family member entered. With an upgrade to the premium version new features are unlocked that work to automatically correlate entered data with other family trees that might already exist in the data base. Quick and easy to use too!

I think this is an interesting genealogy program. For some reason, it kept making my screen jump. Also, I was very surprised to see the monthly charge for using it. Unpleasantly surprised. So, I removed it from my computer.

I can\'t use family tree builder right now because you don\'t have one for a mac. I thought I saw one for sale on Amazon-I need to check into that. I like tree builder.

I downloaded the free version and am enjoying the education I am getting by filling it out. It has been quite easy to find my way around. Thank you for providing this freeware!

excellent. straightforward to use, not too many attempts to get you to buy into something else. Download needed updating but otherwise really good. i am very pleased that this free software is available.

Kinship Archivist 3.1.p
Kinship Archivist genealogy web editor. Display your family tree on the Internet with Kinship Archivist. Any relative who knows your special password can add photos dynamically to your web pages using only their web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or etc.). Simply enter all your genealogical information in to the program and it will convert the information to a Web page. Each family member has their own Web page, and genealogical information is linked between them.
Released: 2008-11-17
License: $10.00
Publisher: Singularity Solutions, Inc.
Language: English, French, German, Spanish
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Pentium CPU, Windows 95, 32 Mb Ram, 16-bit color resolution
Install: Install and Uninstall
Clarityx Family Chronicle 2.5
Create and maintain a family tree Create and maintain a comprehensive family tree. Manage your family's history records, learn about your ancestors and teach your kids about your family in an entertaining way. Clarityx Family Chronicle takes away the routine in gathering, sorting and organizing information, and performs a genealogical research to draw a perfect family tree.
Released: 2008-03-12
License: $45.00
Publisher: Clarityx Software
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Windows XP and higher
Install: Install and Uninstall
Agelong Tree 3.1.1
Building family trees Agelong Tree is a computer program intended for building family trees, storing and displaying information about people and events in their lives. Agelong Tree has a wide spectrum of features: it automatically builds a family tree for any person, has a mechanism of events allowing the user to make complex biographies, stores texts, photos, sounds and videos, searches, sorts and filters data and shows statistics.
Released: 2007-12-25
License: $39.95
Publisher: Genery Software
Language: English, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: 128M RAM, 10M HDD
Install: Install and Uninstall

I just started using Agelong and am very happy with it. I would like to record the dates in the format day-month-year. Is there a way to do this? Both options have day first which is very awkward. Margie Jacobsen

Family Tree Pilot 1.04
Create a family tree using personal photos Create a family tree using personal photos and print it out
Released: 2007-06-01
License: Free
Publisher: Two Pilots
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Nothing special
Install: Install and Uninstall

Though lacking some important features, it's simply useful at least for a basic family tree. Nice software.

Easy Tool To Use I used the Famiyl Tree Pilot to help my daughter make a family tree project for school. It was very easy to use and the result was better than I expected!!

Feature options and printing Some additional simple graphics features would be great. Font size, style, color, for example. Filling a peson's rectangle with color, varying types, size,color of connector lines.Also have had trouble printing the tree. Have to save it as a PDF, them import in to Corel of Photoshop page and the save that page and print it,

AHMED CHOONARA Why is it that i can not print the tree i try and print and it hangs the system and does not allow me 2 print i than have 2 restart my system pls advise me ..

Gene Tree 2.3
Genealogical trees management. This software allows you to create family trees (genealogical trees). Gene Tree provides a modern and user friendly interface that will allow you to create, rename or delete trees and add records (Persons) in a tree, very easy. Can accept unlimited image files associated with a person which you can edit in real time.
Released: 2006-07-20
License: $34.95
Publisher: Inspired Creations
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Windows XP SP2 (MDAC 2.8)
Install: Install and Uninstall
ViewGED 1.02
View genealogy files in the GEDCOM format. This program is useful for viewing genealogy files in the GEDCOM (.ged) format; list, family, ancestor, descendant and detail views are available. ViewGED can also be used to export a person list and remove living or other persons from a .ged file.
Released: 2006-03-24
License: Free
Publisher: Gary Dix
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: No Install Support

I found this program very good indeed.

The Joys of ViewGED While this software could be more user friendly it is only for comfort's sake that it is required and not necessity. In trying ViewGED I two separate trees, and, in the second tree, reported on three different individuals. All of the reports were very satisfying, with the added benefit of illustrating errors that I had made when entering the original data. It can be said here that the reports will only ever be as good as the data available and ViewGED cannot be held responsible for errors elsewhere. I would like to see every page of the report headed with ...

ViewGED Small and Simple program that does not need to be installed - runs direct from .exe and give quick review of ged files.

RootsMagic 3.0
Easy to use genealogy software. RootsMagic is easy to use genealogy software with extensive reports, wallcharts, multimedia, publishing, and website creation features. Print complete books, charts, forms, lists, and even create custom reports. Also provides multiple database support (with drag and drop), SourceWizard, todo lists, powerful merge features, full GEDCOM support and more. Smart Computing magazine calls RootsMagic "the best genealogy program we've seen."
Released: 2005-09-05
License: $29.95
Publisher: RootsMagic, Inc.
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

I have just had a very unsuccessful time with Family Tree Maker 2009 to the point where it would no longer open. I received no response to emails for technical support. Today I purchased RootsMagic4 online and the program seems a dream come true. Initially had trouble getting password and login accepted but realised that the trial package was RootsMagic3. I uninstalled this program and then was able to install RootsMagic4 with no problem.I like the layout etc and find it quite easy to use. Looking forward to continuing my family history on RootsMagic4 which incidently was half the price ...

GedFiliations 1.1
GEDCOM to HTML Generator. Builds a genealogy web site from a GEDCOM file. The web site contains a main page with an index of family pages, an index of family trees and some statistics and information on the owner of the database. The family pages include information on spouses with their dates and locations of birth, marriage and death. The names of each of their parents and their children along with their respective dates and spouses also appear.
Released: 2005-03-14
License: $10.00
Publisher: SenseLogique
Language: English, French
Platform: Windows, Linux, MAC
Requirements: Pentium II, 64 Mb RAM, 50 Mb of free disk space
Install: Install and Uninstall

A) Wouldn\'t read my GEDCOM fileB) Didn\'t provid ean obvious way to store generated files locally.I\'ve deleted it from my system.

Cute Baby Name 1.0
30000 baby names, name meaning and origins It contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins. You can browse boy names, girl names and select favorite baby names which meaning and origin copied to special folder. Cute Baby Names stores favorite names to your hard drive and remembers it when the running next time. This software helps you to choose best name for your baby.
Released: 2005-02-18
License: $12.00
Publisher: Baby Name Collection
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: P-90, 16Mb RAM
Install: Install and Uninstall