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Terminal & Telnet Clients
KINSole 1.1.1
free, opensource, console telnet client KINSole is a free, open source Win32 implementation of client side of the telnet protocol, described in detail in the RFC854 and related RFCs. It uses win32 console API and therefore may run both windowed and in fullscreen character mode. Unlike some other telnet clients it implements many telnet options, like "are you there", "timing mark", etc. described in RFC855, RFC857, RFC1091, RFC1073, RFC1572 and, probably, some others.
Released: 2005-08-06
License: Free
Publisher: Klever Group
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

what I needed I needed a telnet client because I run vista, I could have enabled the one in the OS but I haven't ever liked the telnet client offered by microsoft. KINSole has proven to be the answer.

WTware 4.0.5
Easy diskless Win-Terminal from any hardware. Windows Terminal Services Client for diskless computer network boot. WTware package includes all the software needed to create a terminal: OS, multiple drivers, network services and a terminal services client. Any PC from 486/8Mb to modern can be used as a terminal. Based on the Linux kernel, it's more reliable than other solutions. Easy to setup and configure, intended for Windows system administrators. Network boot, no local hard drive usage.
Released: 2004-12-06
License: $20.00
Publisher: WTware
Language: English, Russian
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 486 8Mb RAM
Install: No Install Support
UDP Serial Port Redirector 1.2.1
Replace serial cables with ethernet network The Haxxio UDP Serial Port Redirector is the missing link between devices that speak UDP on your network and are thus "connected" to your PC, via an Ethernet port (specifically UDP over IP) and Windows applications on the PC that can only talk to a serial port. Most applications for the Redirector are based on one of replacing a simple serial cable, or connecting serial devices over WiFi links, or enabling groups op PCs to communicate together.
Released: 2004-12-01
License: $29.95
Publisher: Haxxio
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
z/Scope Warp 4.0
GUI-enabled Terminal  for AS/400 & Mainframes z/Scope Warp is a secure, GUI/HTML-enabled terminal emulator for accessing AS/400 iSeries and IBM Mainframes from Microsoft Windows platforms. Runs as a stand-alone and web-browser enabled, has multi-session/multi-connection capapabilities and provides secure access to SSL 2,3 and TLS 1.0 enabled hosts. Powerful, easy to use and customizable, allows system administrators to easily rejuvenate and integrate the legacy world with Windows platform.
Released: 2004-10-25
License: Free
Publisher: Cybele Software Inc.
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Pentium or compatible PC,16 MB minimum,DISK SPACE: 9 MB, Windows 95 or later
Install: Install and Uninstall

I culd not even review as the software comes with an expired license.I proceeded to remove it immediately as there was no purpose to bother trying any further.Thanks anyway.Bye

It is really a good software it has many options and more features , which the other emulators for AS400 not have it is very useful for me.....

I double clicked the executable and chose a folder. A README.txt and link to your webpage was unpacked into that folder, so I deleted the folder and the download. Was there supposed to be something else installed?

Could not get to work Due to lack of a license, I could not get this to work. I was under the impression that it is freeware. I have rated everything as fair because I could not evaluate it.

z/scope 3270 I downloaded the trial version and it worked great on my work computer. But i am having problems connecting from home. I think the problems are with my firewall not the product.

Review of z/Scope I have only used the product for about two days, but I find that it's not that different from the standard CA supplied with most AS400's or iSeries.Other products on the marketplace have better functionality.

AlphaCom 6.0
Robust multi-session terminal emulation for W Powerful - yet inexpensive - multi-session terminal emulator for Windows. Supports SSH/Telnet/direct RS-232/Modem connections with Linux, ANSI, IBM3151, Wyse 50/50+, Wyse 60, SCO ANSI, VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220 emulation. Features include dynamic font sizing, free LPD and pass-through printing support, Euro compatibility, multi-protocol file transfer, international character set and keyboard support, ActiveX developer toolkit, and more!
Released: 2003-12-01
License: $25.00
Publisher: OmniCom Technologies, Inc.
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Platform: Windows
Requirements: 2.5 meg of hard disk space running Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
Install: Install and Uninstall

I am evaluating the reconnect feature, file transfer and the ablity to run in a web browser. I have not been able to accomplish these tasks yet.

Good Program I selected this terminal as it has Active X compatibility. These functions will make it very useful to me in using a terminal with other programs. I cannot say I have sunk my teeth in yet but so far so good.

Keyboard issues. I don't like the keyboard setup window. On a real vt200 keyboard you have pf1 - pf4, do and help keys, I could not get these to work. I don't want to have to enter key codes in the setup to have the keyboard to work.