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WatchDog4.Biz Free Website Monitoring
Free website availability monitoring tool WatchDog4.Biz is a free website availability monitoring and performance monitoring tool. It is a solution that helps you to get a true picture of availability and performance of your websites. Using WatchDog4.Biz you can always be aware whether your online business is down or up and estimate the efficiency of your web hosting. Uptime statistics reports, charts and diagrams built by the application provide detailed information on these points.
Released: 2008-04-24
License: Free
Publisher: OLSOFT
Language: English, Russian
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2003 or higher, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 128 MB RAM (512 is recommended), 30 MB HDD
Install: Install and Uninstall

Looks good, but have not got around to checking it out in detail as yet.

it is possible to test uRL on a desired bandwidth

Good product As far as I can tell this is a very good product. It gives good visual feedback as to how much your website is up.

Pingotron 4.2.0
Pingotron Pingotron is made for network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers. Pingotron allows managing devices connected to a local network (computers, printers, etc.) and communication channels in TCP/IP networks. Basic features: 1) Custom ping time 2) Graphical and numeric representation of ping results 3) Generating lists by groups 4) Sound alarm, e-mail notifications, and blinking tray notification of failures.
Released: 2008-04-19
License: $10.95
Language: English, Russian
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

Handy, simple monitoring of sites, etc. Pingotron does exactly what it says it does. Pings sites, IP addresses, etc. and lets you know if one or more goes down. Great little tool to confirm web site uptime claims, monitor shaky connections and other general duty monitoring.Great tool!

Hardping 1.0.1
Ping devices even if they have a firewall. Ping devices even if they have a firewall enabled. Hardping is a Hardware Level Ping utility. Because it pings devices at the hardware level, it can't be blocked by personal firewalls. It is an ideal tool to use on large networks or any Wi-Fi networks to determine exactly which devices are connected to your network.
Released: 2008-04-14
License: Free
Publisher: IO3O LLC
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows
Requirements: .NET 1.0-3.5
Install: No Install Support
GPSLite for Windows Mobile 5.0
GPSLite is an easy,powerful positioning tool GPSLite is an easy,efficient and powerful positioning tool for mobile devices,you can get the Latitude,Longitude,Altitude ,Speed,Local time,Local Date ,Number of satellites being tracked,status of the GPS receiver etc...
Released: 2007-07-29
License: $9.95
Publisher: Codehero
Language: English
Platform: Mobile
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0
Install: Install and Uninstall
SI Trace 1.0
Free visual Traceroute tool for Windows SI Trace is a free visual tool for Windows that traces the route of IP packets while they travel from your PC to the remote destination. The tool essentially allows you to see exactly where a connectivity problem is, no matter how far it is from your computer. The last host to respond to traceroute is the last host that is working properly. The first one that fails to respond is the faulty one.
Released: 2007-07-15
License: Free
Language: English
Platform: Vista, Windows, Mobile
Requirements: A computer with Windows installed
Install: Install and Uninstall

Opinion My SI Trace is not working after only using it for one day. I have not said anything about you or this download until now. I am a Cisco Networking student and was doing a practical using a route tracer. I got some great results & have finished using the programme now. It did exactly what I had to do & did it well. Yesterday however it stopped working - have no idea why. Tina Turvey

I am running Windows Vista for business. Unfortunately I got \"timed out\" message for each hop. Not expert enough to see why it gave this message on a known working route, so eventually uninstalled it.

It performed the tasks I needed. I would like to have a product that performs a simalar function to the SharePoint Roundtrip Analyzer to a specific page.Thanks

Easy to install and use. Did what I expected it to do. Thanks!

Hello. I tested SI Trace 1.0. It functionned correctly. But it was difficult to understand for a none professional.

It did what it was expected. I had to use this program for a class project and performed well.

VisualRoute 2007 11.1a
Internet connectivity and IP locator utility VisualRoute combines the tools traceroute, ping, reverse DNS, and Whois into a single graphical interface that analyzes Internet connections to quickly locate where outages or slowdowns occur. An IP location database identifies the geographical location of IP addresses and Web servers, showing the path of an Internet connection on a global map. Domain registration and network provider contact information are reported for each network hop.
Released: 2007-06-12
License: $49.95
Publisher: Visualware Inc.
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall
WebHopper Classic 1.1
Internet route tracer WebHopper is a quick, easy-to-use Internet tool that lifts the lid on server routes, revealing the true location of Internet addresses and the circuitous routes by which we reach them. Its unique 'outside looking in' function holds up a mirror to your own computer to provide interesting and useful data about how your computer identifies itself on the Internet.
Released: 2007-04-26
License: Free
Publisher: Proletary Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Install: Install and Uninstall

Worked well, does it job. Recommended xxxxx

It works well, cannot suggest any modifications at this stage.

problem It is showing that my computer is not connected to internet although it is connected to to solve this problem?

Colasoft Ping Tool 1.1
Colasoft Ping Tool is a graphic ping tool. Colasoft Ping Tool is a powerful graphic ping tool, it supports ping multiple IP addresses at the same time, and compares response time in a graphic chart. You can view historical charts and save the charts to a *.bmp file. With this build-in tool, users can ping the IP addresses of captured packets in Colasoft Capsa (if applicable) conveniently, including resource IP, destination IP and both of them.
Released: 2006-12-13
License: Free
Publisher: Colasoft Co., Ltd.
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: P3 500 CPU, 256 MB RAM, Internet Explorer 5.5
Install: Install and Uninstall

Nice program, good graphics & lots of info about the connection, easy to use.One thing I would like, is to be able to ping multiple targets. I ping a server 100 miles from here at the same time I ping our router to help me troubleshoot our connection.Keep up the good work!!Skip

Great app. Does exactly what it needs to do.

awesome program. did just what I needed it to do

Simple great! The best free ping tool I ever seen!

It is almost what I need but unfortunately doesn\'t save a log file. I need to send a continuous ping for a period of time (e.g. overnight) to a machine that we suspect to be faulty. Examination of a log file will show us if there is a problem immediately.

Question:How much influence has a 64 bit ping every second on a server port? 0.1% or much less?

Colasoft MAC Scanner 1.1
Colasoft MAC Scanner is a network scan tool. Colasoft MAC Scanner is a scan tool using to scan IP address and MAC address. It can automatically detect all subnets according to the IP addresses configured on multiple NICs of a machine and scan the MAC addresses and IP addresses of defined subnets as your need. Users can custom own scan process by specifying the subsequent threads.
Released: 2006-10-31
License: Free
Publisher: Colasoft Co., Ltd.
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: P3 500 CPU, 256 MB RAM, Internet Explorer 5.5
Install: Install and Uninstall

I was hoping for a product that would help me discover duplicate IP addresses. My tests, with this product, have not helped me find duplicate ip addresses.

Colasoft MAC Scanner 1.1 worked well on my home network. IT is only a small network with 12 MAC addresses but did the job required flawlessly. It is much more user friendly than sending the commands by the command line. Highly recommended.

I like it , it is usable good easy

MAC Scanner Works For Me I used the MAC scanner to find out the IP address for a network switch with a lost password, and the MAC worked perfectly. I also like its ease of use and its GUI display. I'm almost reluctant to tell my team members about it, because then they'll know my secret of resolving IP MAC address issues, but I'll tell them just the same. Great product.

EMCO Network Scanner 1.6.10
Easy scan operation on your network New and handy tool brought to you by EMCO Software; that enables network administrator to perform and schedule different scan operation on your network.
Released: 2006-06-22
License: $235.00
Publisher: EMCO Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
Requirements: Intel Pentium or equivalent 1 GHZ processor, 512MB of RAM, 150MB of free disk space.
Install: Install and Uninstall